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Tired Of Being Alone

Why is people alone?

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According to Wikipedia there are 105 males born for every 100 females, pure mathematics indicate that at the very least 5 males will never find a partner.

However the same statistics also reveal that men live less years than women, in the old age there is a higher proportion of females than males.

This of course does not entirely explains why people is alone in their life, it is perfectly possible to live with someone and feeling alone because there is no love involved and they ignore each other.

What to do when you are alone?

Trying to find a hobby or activity that you enjoy will help keep your spirits up and link up with other people, you should never remain idle. Research shows that exercise and owning a dog are very beneficial for people's health.

Is there any shortcut to meeting a soulmate?

There is no magic wand in life, some people have car accidents through no fault of their own, others are born mute, you just need to take what life gives you and try to make the best you can with the cards you have, that is how it works.

Coping with loneliness

Talking about your situation with others and asking for advice can help to some people, there are two websites where you can post about it without providing your real name:

Experience Project

Social Number


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There is a reason

Coincidences do happen, they can happen one time, or two times, in extreme bizarre cases there can be two hundred coincidences. What it is not possible it is billions and billions of coincicences happening together, that is when it becomes a planned act beyond reasonable doubt.

There is a reason why people who are alone tend to feel depressed and have negative thoughts, whoever made the world planned for it to be this way, if you don't fulfil your human duties you are meant to go, regardless of if it is your fault or not. The maker and its natural laws will do everything in their power to eliminate you from this world, you can not allow this to happen, the maker must lose his hand and you must remain here consuming resources and taking a space in the world for that is what the maker does not want you to do.

And if you were to belive in a religion, you should still reamain here hanging on because that is what your God planned for you and you have to accept it if you respect your religion.

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